Incorporated in 1997, Rockville Trading, LLC is a worldwide commodity importer and exporter.

With our head office in UAE manned by a dedicated team, along with our extensive network of our associates, suppliers, advisors and logistic service providers, Rockville Trading, LLC is equipped to initiate and execute a variety of trade transactions tailored to the specific needs of our clientele. During our years of operation, we have acquired and retained a significant number of satisfied customers; as an exporter, we provide quality products at competitive terms.

Rockville Trading, LLC prioritizes the interests of its valued customers. We develop our business relationships on the basis of sound advice coupled with immaculate transaction execution, focused on the fulfillment of both contractual and non-contractual commitments.

  • As a buyer and re-seller of cotton and synthetic yarns and a recognized supplier of novelty and commodity yarns in USA, Rockville Trading, LLC has an extensive US-based warehousing and transportation network.
  • Rockville Trading, LLC maintains excellent business relationships with almost all major textile producers in Pakistan, allowing for sourcing at competitive terms.