Metropolitan Infrastructure Support Services (Pvt) Ltd works with nationwide and international associates from technical, legal and financial fields to help evolve Pakistan’s vital infrastructure and bring it up to par with global levels. By exploring and promoting the country’s potential infrastructure sector across transportation, ports & shipping, healthcare, power, social infrastructure, telecommunication and roads, MISS continues to generate significant interest from major international entities, now actively evaluating projects in Pakistan.

  • By virtue of being country associates to internationally reputed entities, MISS is involved in infrastructure projects in the fields of aviation, transport and energy (these projects are currently at various stages of evaluation within governmental departments). 
  • MISS is also constantly on the lookout to introduce viable and sustainable technology improvements to affect Pakistan at micro and macro economic levels.
  • We also work with suppliers of various products from the fields of energy conservation and safety improvements to help introduce their products in Pakistan.  
  • An increased involvement of the private sector through governmental legislation translates into large infrastructure projects in roads, railways, logistics, energy and aviation to be considered for implementation at various levels.