Governance Unit

Radical changes in the political, administrative & fiscal landscape throughout the world have posed various challenges to development processes. Accordingly, international development assistance adheres to the measures aimed at investment led growth that can support national development priorities besides addressing environment, social & poverty related challenges. Instruments like Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) & Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are being promoted to rectify certain imbalances within the political landscape.

In cognizance of the situation, our team is geared to offer package solutions to achieve the following objectives:

To identify capacity gaps in maximizing the dividends of on-going reforms & instruments aimed at improving service delivery;
  • To undertake and promote policy research and stakeholders’ dialogues to highlight and facilitate the replication of best practices in efficient and transparent decision making for sustainable development;
  • To promote strategic alliances and partnerships for developing synergies, experience sharing and knowledge management; and
  • To develop customized training and skill development packages for key players involved with governance issues & initiatives.